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Facilities and Gear

We have necessary equipment and supplies for camping at each site, A (upper lground) and B (lower ground). All you need to bring is your favorite food, drinks, change of clothes, and other personal items. Toilets and showers are available at each site for your comfort.

Site A
(Upper Ground)
Site B
 (Lower Ground)
Tents to be used at Site A (upper level)
Tents to be used at Site B (lower level)

Site A, is equipped with elegantly shaped one-pole tent. with its expansive view of the Seto Inland Sea. Up to six people can stay here. Power outlets are available.

Taking advantage of the large site area, site B has a sturdy twin pole tent that can accommodate up to 8 people. Power outlet available.

*The capacity of both A and B sites includes preschool children (aged under 5). Please use within the capacity.

Facilities and camping equipment at each site

The following equipment and supplies are available at both A and B sites.

With the exception of a portion of the parking lot, facilities and supplies are available for exclusive use at each site.

Silhouette of a man suffering from strong wind
Fly silhouette
Mosquito silhouette
Bee silhouette


Cat silhouette
Bird silhouette

When you go camping in nature, the following things happen:

■ Severe weather (typhoons, heavy rain, strong winds, etc.)

In the event of storms such as typhoons, heavy rain, or strong winds, we may decide to close the facility to ensure the safety of our guests. In addition, in the event of strong winds, we may prohibit bonfires without prior notice.

■ Insects (mosquitoes, spiders, bees, etc.)

Insects may get into tents, not just outdoors. Each site is equipped with insect repellent, so please use it as needed. Please bring your own medicines, such as anti-itch medications.

■ Encounters with wild boars, small animals, and wild birds

Wild boars, small animals, and wild birds may appear sometimes. Do not leave food or leftovers outside, even for a short time. Store them in the refrigerator or dispose of them in the trash. Make sure to close the fence at the entrance before going to sleep. If you come across an animal, do not approach it unnecessarily, and strictly refrain from feeding it.

Feedbacks from our guests

"The scenery was outstanding and it was a camping experience that freed me from the stresses of everyday life. I would like to come here again in a different season."

I would also like to see the ocean's different expressions.

(Mr. K, Okayama Prefecture)

Almost my first camping trip!

I became completely hooked.

It was an extraordinary experience and I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

(Mr. Y from Osaka)

" I'm a beginner when it comes to outdoor activities, but I was able to try a lot of things I wanted to try.There were failures and new discoveries,It was a good experience for the future.

( Ms.O from Kagawa)

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