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Site B (lower Ground)

The spacious site B welcomes you with a sturdy twin pole tent. It can accommodate up to eight people. The site is conveniently equipped with parking for up to two cars and a stone fire pit. Time spent chatting around the fire will surely be an unforgettable evening.

*Please enter the number of people aged 6 to adults in the "人数(6才以上)" field in the search bar.

*Please limit use of Site B to 8 people or less , including preschool children.

*Due to the system, the discounted price for consecutive nights will not be displayed. We will send you a separate email with the price after the discount has been applied.

B Site Usage Fees (Maximum 8 people)
Basic charge
From 28,000 yen
additional fee
3,500 yen/person
Usage fees

(1 to 4 people)

(For 5 or more people)

All prices shown are exclusive of tax.

・For use by 1 to 4 people, only the basic fee applies. The basic fee varies depending on the season, day of the week, etc.


​・For parties of 5 or more, an additional fee of 3,500 yen will be charged for each additional person in addition to the basic fee.


・The additional fee is the same for anyone from 6 years old to adults. There is no additional fee for preschool children, but the capacity of Site B is a maximum of 8 people, including preschool children. Please stay within the capacity.

Inside the tent used at Site B
Operating surface of co-sleeping air bed
Two co-sleeping air beds arranged side by side
A sleeping bag set up on a co-sleeping air bed

The air bed is an electric inflatable. Just plug in the power cord and press the "inflate" button and it will inflate in about 30 seconds.

If you place two mattresses side by side and cover them with queen-size covers to prevent them from shifting, they will be large enough for two people to sleep together.

If you unzip the sleeping bag, you can use it as a comforter.

(Photo above) The sleeping bag is spread out on the cot. It is a semi-single, smaller than regular singles.

Site B  Equipment List (PDF file opens)

What to bring on the day of use (PDF file opens)

About payment

Please pay the usage fee by cash or PayPay when you check in. We are planning to accept credit card payment in the future, but there is no prepayment, so you must pay on the day. Additional purchases on site, such as firewood or charcoal, must be paid for when you check in or check out.


Bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap


At our campsite, we provide four items of bedding: a cot (camping bed), a pillow, a sleeping bag, and an inner sheet. The inner sheet is placed inside the sleeping bag to prevent bare skin from touching the sleeping bag, and is also effective in preventing infectious diseases.

An example of how to use bedding inside a tent. The cot size is 68 x 207 x 18 cm. It is a size slightly smaller than a regular single size, and is close to a semi-single size.

Laying down beside small children

The cots used at our campsite are simple beds designed for single use, and are therefore not suitable for co-sleeping with small children. If you wish to co-sleep with your child, you can replace the two cots with two air beds and place them next to each other to create a queen-size bed, allowing you to sleep with your child.

We can exchange 2 cots for 2 airbeds free of charge upon request, so please let us know in advance if you would like this. Due to inventory restrictions, we are limited to providing 2 airbeds per site.


Airbed operation screen. Plug it into a power source, press the injection button and it will inflate in about 30 seconds.

One airbed is a small single size. By covering with a queen size sheet to keep them in place, it becomes a "queen-sized" to sleep together with kids. 

If you unzip the sleeping bag, it can be used as a comforter.

Capacity: Maximum 8 people

Site B can accommodate up to8 people, including preschool children. If you have more than 8 people, please consider using both Sites A and B.

​■ Parking for 2 cars

You can park two cars insaide the site of B. Please be sure to read the information for those coming by car before coming.

■About on-site sales of Fuels

Please bring your own firewood, charcoal and gas cartridges or purchase them on-site. Prices do not include tax.

Firewood・・・1,000 yen (1 carry)

Charcoal・・・1,000 yen (about 3kg)

Cassette gas・・・400 yen/piece

Discounts and cleaning for consecutive nights

When staying for consecutive nights, the second night onwards will be discounted by 20% from the usage fee (basic fee + additional fee per person). Our website system does not display the discounted price, but the discounted price will be notified to you in the "Reservation Confirmation" email we send you after you make your reservation. The price for the second night onwards will be calculated according to the season and day of the week.

For guests staying 3 nights or more, cleaning will be provided. Trash and used towels will be collected daily.

​■Pets not allowed

We are sorry, but pets are not allowed at our campsite. If you would like to camp with your pet, please use our separate seaside campsite, Beach Front Camp. It is about a 10-minute drive from NIO SUNSET PEAK and is limited to one group, so you can relax and unwind. Rental equipment is also available, so please contact us if you do not have any camping equipment.

About tobacco

Smoking is prohibited in the tents, shower rooms (including changing rooms), toilets, and Goemon bath areas of both sites A (upper level) and B (lower level).

​■About bringing camping equipment

You may bring and use your own camping equipment to both Site A (upper level) and Site B (lower level); however, please refrain from removing the permanently pitched tents on the wooden decks and from exceeding the capacity of each site by using your own tents, sleeping bags, etc.

As we have explained to for those coming by car, our campsite is located at the top of a steep hill, so if your car is heavy with luggage, it may not be able to reach the campsite. This is one of the reasons why we prepare the necessary camping equipment on the site in advance, so please be careful not to bring too much luggage.

If you would like to camp using your own camping equipment, please consider using our separately operated Beach Front Camp. This is a campsite on the beach where you can rent a site for one group only, and you are required to bring your own camping equipment.

Cleaning up before check-out

We ask you to perform the following tasks.

① Separate disposal of garbage

② Washing of used dishes and cooking utensils

③ Remove used sheets and covers from bedding


The dishes and cooking utensils used at our campsite, such as Dutch ovens, griddles, kamado (Japanese rice cookers), and hot sandwich makers, can be washed in the same way as you would at home (no special care such as seasoning is necessary). We will have sponges and dishwashing detergent available in the kitchen sink, so after washing, please return the items in the laundry basket.


After use, staff will take down the tents, tarps, and table set, and dispose of the ashes from the BBQ grill and bonfire.


About use during bad weather

If stormy weather such as a typhoon, heavy rain, or strong winds is expected on the day of use, the campsite will contact you a few days to the day before (or on the day itself in some cases). If you are worried about stormy weather based on the weekly forecast, please contact us.

In the event of rain without strong winds, we will be open as usual.

Even if you are already using the campsite after your arrival, if the weather suddenly worsens and the campsite judges it dangerous to continue camping or have a bonfire, we may prohibit bonfires or close the campsite without notice. For the safety of our customers and staff, we ask for your understanding.


​■cancellation fees

If you cancel your reservation after it has been confirmed, the following cancellation fees will be charged.

・10 to 2 days before: 30% of the fee

・The day before: 50% of the usage fee

・On the day or without notice: 100% of the usage fee


The above cancellation fees will not apply in the event of unavoidable closure of the facility, such as in the event of a severe weather event or an epidemic.

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