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Site A (top)

Of the two sites at NIO SUNSET PEAK on the hill, Site A is the upper one.

You can enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea sunset and Chichibugahama Beach with an outstanding sense of openness.

Maximum capacity is 6 people. Enjoy a relaxing time on the site, which is covered with grass.

*Please enter the number of people aged 6 to adults in the "Number of people" field in the search bar.

*Please limit use of Site A to 6 people , including preschool children.

*Due to the system, the discounted price for consecutive nights will not be displayed. We will send you a separate email with the price after the discount has been applied.

Site A Usage Fees (Maximum 6 people)
Basic charge
From 25,000 yen
additional fee
3,500 yen/person
usage fee

(1 to 4 people)

(When used by 5 or more people)

All prices shown are exclusive of tax .

・For use by 1 to 4 people, only the basic fee applies. The basic fee varies depending on the season, day of the week, etc.

​・For groups of 5 or more, an additional fee of 3,500 yen will be charged for each additional person in addition to the basic fee. The additional fee is the same for everyone from 6 years old to adults.

・There is no additional charge for preschool children, but the capacity of Site A is a maximum of six people, including preschool children. Please stay within the capacity.

An example of how to use bedding inside a tent. The cot size is 68 x 207 x 18 cm. It is a size slightly smaller than a regular single size, and is close to a semi-single size.


Airbed operation screen. Plug it into a power source, press the injection button and it will inflate in about 30 seconds.

One airbed is a small single size, and the other is covered with a queen size sheet to keep them in place.

If you unzip the sleeping bag, it can be used as a comforter.

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