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We introduce you to some activities you can enjoy in conjunction with camping at NIO SUNSET PEAK. 

Sea Kayak & SUP Tours

All sea kayaking and SUP tours run by Free Cloud are accompanied by a guide. Let's go on a short trip to experience the nature of Setouchi  It's a 10-minute drive to Free Cloud's base from NIO SUNSET PEAK.

Kayaking experience tour for parents and children
Sea kayak tour to a deserted island
SUP Sunset Tour

Family Kayak Trip        10:00-11:30

A private kayak trip for families. Children are welcome to join and enjoy the Setouchi Sea at your own pace. We use a two-seater boat (sit-on-top) that is easy for children to operate.

Children (ages 5+~): 3,500 yen/person Adults (ages 13+~): 4,000 yen/person 2-8 people

Half-day Kayak Trip      13:00-16:00

You will paddle around the uninhabited island of Tsutajima with a tow-seater sea kayak. You will travel along the indented coastline and, if the weather and sea conditions are good, you may even enter the inside of a cave. It is a three-hour course that will tickle your sense of adventure.

8,500 yen (tax included) / person, ages 13+~,   2-8 people

​■ SUP Trip Morning session 10:00-12:00 / Afternoon session 13:00-15:00

You stand on a large board and move forward while maintaining your balance. You may fall off, but still a fun. Iis a sport that gives you a strong sense of unity with the ocean.

6,500 yen (tax included) / ages 13+ ~, 2-6 people

Sunset SUP Trip     ( 90 minutes )

Let's paddle out with SUP and see off the sun from the surface of the ocean. It's a blissful time to be surrounded by the sea and sky that gradually change color. This is a summer special, and the starting time will change according to the time of sunset.

6,500 yen (tax included) / ages 13+~, 2-6 people

Click on the title of each tour to go to the application page for that tour.

Landing on a deserted island (Tsutajima Island)
5 minutes by car from NIO SUNSET PEAK
+ 5 minutes by ferry

Tsutajima is an uninhabited island that can be reached by boat in only five minutes from Nio Port.There are hiking trails on the island and you can enjoy the variety of scenery such as a stunning view of the Seto Inland Sea from a top of a hill or the remains of a primitive faith that worshipped a megalith. Swimming and camping are also allowed in the summer. Toilets, showers, and running water are also provided.

If you bring some fishing rods, nets, and other play equipment along with a packed lunch, you can have plenty of fun all day. However, it's still a deserted island. So be sure to take precautions such as bringing plenty of water, a first aid kit, and a change of clothes to prevent heatstroke.

Tsutashima 0875-82-2102 (Ferry Office)

Ferry to uninhabited islands "Ototoi Maru"
Fishing experience on a deserted island
Megaliths on a deserted island
Uninhabited Island Promenade
Udon Pilgrimage
Udon restaurant in mountainous area
Pouring dashi(broth) for udon at a self-service udon restaurant
Notices posted at a udon restaurant
Eating udon

Kagawa prefecture is so-called the Udon Kingdom has definitely deep culture of Udon or wheat noodles. Needless to say, its taste and texture is important, also attached fun culture exist regarding udon. A very skilled lady takes udon orders with incredibly fast mental calculations, the smell of dried sardine stock drifts through the mountains, a restaurant supplies very early morning hours only, the daikon radish garnish is prepared by YOU, not by the restaurant staff, and coffee is served after the meal. This is just our own opinion, but we think that an udon restaurant where local middle-aged men (called OJISAN) gather together can't be a wrong choice.

Go on a pilgrimage to try a simple bowl of Sanuki udon that you won't find at chain restaurants.

Udon Prefecture Travel Net

Konpira-san (Kotohira Shrine)
Kotohira Shrine
Meat croquette on the way back from Konpira
30 minutes by car from NIO SUNSET PEAK

Visiting Konpira-san, the god of sea and safe journey, is a kind of activity. As you must climb up 785 stone steps to the main shrine and Furthermore 600 steps to the inner shrine(total 1385!). Comfortable shoes and clothes are essential. If you are visiting there in summer, make sure to bring a drink to prevent heat stroke. After visiting the shrine, you can enjoy the trendy shops that have been increasing in number recently, but 'the meat croquettes' at Hiraoka Butcher Shop are a must-have, both in the past and now.

Kotohira Shrine

Zentsuji Temple, the75th Temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage
Zentsuji specialty 'Katapan' store
20 minutes by car from NIO SUNSET PEAK

Zentsuji is said to be the birthplace of Kukai. The "Kaidan Meguri" experience in the main hall is a form of training where you walk along the walls in a pitch-black space. It raises questions about life such as "What do people think at the end of a long, dark tunnel in their lives?", also it is a fascinating activity for testing your courage.  You really can't see anything, so it's best not to do if you suffer from dark or claustrophobia, or if you traveel with small children. For souvenirs, try the Zentsuji specialty "Katapan" sweets which is as hard as a rock. They also have shrimp crackers, which we personally believe are the best in Japan.


Iyadani-ji Temple, the71st Temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage
Iyadani Temple Gate
The rock-carved Buddha of Iyadani-ji Temple
15 minutes by car from NIO SUNSET PEAK

Iyadani-mountain has long been a sacred mountain site, known as the "mountain where the souls of the dead gather." It certainly has a slightly scary atmosphere, but that is largely due to the mountain's geology and topographical features. It's an interesting mountain for those who want to walk and consider history and culture from a geological perspective, like Bura Tamori(Japanese popular TV show on NHK).
It takes about 2 hours. There is also a hot spring at the base.

Yatani Temple

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