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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the use of NIO SUNSET PEAK. If you have any other questions not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I visit the campsite in advance?

A: You cannot inspect or visit the site without permission. The road to our campsite is narrow and quite steep. Depending on the vehicle and road conditions, it may be difficult to reach the site. To prevent any trouble, please contact us in advance if you would like to inspect the site.

Q: When and how can I make payment?

A: Please pay the usage fee by cash or PayPay when you check in. ( Credit card payment will be introduced in the future.) There is no online prepayment, only payment on site. Please pay for items purchased on site such as firewood, charcoal, and gas cartridges when you check in or check out.

Q: Can I bring my pets?

A: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at our campsite. If you would like to camp with your pet, please consider using the Beach Front Camp, a private site that can be rented for one group only. Rental items are available, so please contact us if you do not have your own equipment.

Q: Can I use it for a day trip?

A: As it is a small campsite with only two sites, we primarily intend for guests to stay overnight. As of May 2024, we do not currently have any day use plans available, but we would like to consider them as off-season plans in the future.

Q: What about use in bad weather?

A: If stormy weather such as a typhoon, heavy rain, or strong winds is expected on the day of use, the campsite will contact you a few days to the day before (or on the day itself in some cases). If you are worried about stormy weather, please contact us. If you cancel due to stormy weather, there will be no cancellation fee.

Even if you are already using the campsite after your arrival, if the weather suddenly worsens and it becomes dangerous to continue camping, we may decide to prohibit campfires and close the campsite without notice. For the safety of our customers and staff, we would like to ask for your understanding.

We will be open as usual if it is raining but not accompanied by strong winds.

Q: I love the outdoors and have my own camping gear. Can I bring it with me and use it?

A: You may bring your own camping gear. However, please refrain from taking down permanent tents or bringing your own tents and sleeping bags to exceed the maximum capacity of each site. If you would like to enjoy camping using your own camping gear, please also consider using Beach Front Camp, a beachfront site that can be rented for one group only, which we operate separately. Beach Front Camp is a campsite where you are required to bring your own camping gear.

Q: Is there anything I can buy on site, such as firewood or charcoal?

A: Along with the foods, you can bring your own fuels such as firewood, charcoal, and cassette cartridges (CB cans). Or you can purchase them on site on the date of use.  It is possible to make a reservation for fuels in advance as options when booking your camping stay. Booked items will be handed over to you at the site.

Firewood: 1,000 yen (1 carry)

Charcoal...1,000 yen (3 kg)

Gas cartridge: 400 yen/piece

The payment for items purchased on-site will be accepted during your check-in or check-out proceedings. 


*All prices are exclusive of tax and are subject to change without notice.

Q: Can I rent both sites and all the facility exclusively for a group?

A: Yes, if there are no prior bookings at both A and B sites on the day of your visit. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Q: This is my first time camping. What should I do if I run into trouble at night?

A: After checking in, you will be guided to the site by a staff member and introduced to the facilities and equipment at the campsite. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will also provide you with emergency contact information. The staff will return home after 5:00 p.m., but if you need help at night, please contact us.

Q: Isn't this glamping?

A: NIO SUNSET PEAK is a campsite that is "moderately exists both convenience and inconvenience." We don't offer the fluffy beds and meal services of resort hotels or glamping sites, but we hope that it will be a place where you can enjoy yourself freely, including the mistakes and mishaps that occur on a campsite, in a location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.

Q: Can I drink the water at the campsite?

A: The water at the campsite is tap water. It is safe to drink, but if you are concerned, please boil it for cooking or bring your own mineral water.

Q: Is there a lights-out time?

A: As a campsite operator, we do not have a set time for turning off the lights, but voices and other noises will echo around the area late at night. Please put out the fire around 10pm and move to your tent for relax.

Q: I have two children, ages 2 and 4. Are preschool children included in the capacity?

A: Preschool children are included in the capacity. Site A can accommodate up to 6 people, and site B can accommodate up to 8 people. In this case, there are two preschool children, so if you use site A, the remaining 4 people can use it, and under the same conditions, up to 6 people can use site B.

The usage fee for each site is calculated as the "basic fee (for use by 1 to 4 people)" plus the "additional fee per person (for use by 5 people or more)." There is no additional fee for preschool children at either site, but please use the site within the capacity set for each site. (The additional fee is the same for people aged 6 to adults.)

Q: Do I need to wear a swimsuit to use the Goemon bath?

A: It is not required, but we recommend that you bring and wear a swimsuit.

The Goemon baths at each site were renovated in 2024 with the addition of a corridor between the shower room and the bathtubs, eliminating the need to worry about visibility from sites A (upper level) and B (lower level). However, even after the renovation, the bathtubs are still installed in an open space outdoors. The door leading to the corridor does not have a lock, so anyone using the same site can freely enter and exit the Goemon bath.

For those who value privacy, we recommend bringing and wearing a swimsuit when using the Goemon bath.

The corridor leading to the Goemon bath and the location of the shower and toilet

(Photo on the left) The Goemon bath is set in the open space at the back. There is no lock on the door of the corridor entrance, and it is not a completely private room. The shower room next to the Goemon bath can be locked from the inside.

Q: What is the camp like at the start and how do we clean up afterwards?

A: The staff will explain to you about cooking utensils and tableware on-site, so please feel free to use them as needed. In addition, bedding will be provided in the tent for the number of people in your reservation.

At our campsite, we ask that you tidy up to a certain extent before you leave.

You do not need to remove the five items (tent, tarp, table set, BBQ grill, and bonfire stand) yourself, but we ask that you do the following:

① Sorting garbage

② Washing of used dishes and cooking utensils

③Remove used sheets and covers from the bedding.


After use, please wash the dishes and cooking utensils with the provided detergent and sponge and place them in the washing basket. Cooking utensils at this campsite should be treated the same as utensils at home. We also ask for your cooperation in separating your garbage.


We often see people leaving items behind, especially inside tents, so please make sure you have not left any belongings behind before you depart, such as your cell phone, charger, wallet, keys, or children's toys.

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