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B site (located lower level)

The spacious B site welcomes you with a sturdy twin pole tent. It can accommodate up to eight people. The site is conveniently equipped with parking for up to two cars and a stone fire pit. Time spent chatting around the fire will surely be an unforgettable evening.

*Please enter the number of people aged 6 to adults in the "Number of people" field in the search bar.

*Please limit use of Site B to 8 people or less , including preschool children.

*Due to the system, the discounted price for consecutive nights will not be displayed. We will send you a separate email with the price after the discount has been applied.

B Site Usage Fees (Maximum 8 people)
Basic charge
From 28,000 yen
additional fee
3,500 yen/person
Usage fees

(1 to 4 people)

(For 5 or more people)

All prices shown are exclusive of tax.

・For use by 1 to 4 people, only the basic fee applies. The basic fee varies depending on the season, day of the week, etc.


​・For parties of 5 or more, an additional fee of 3,500 yen will be charged for each additional person in addition to the basic fee.


・The additional fee is the same for anyone from 6 years old to adults. There is no additional fee for preschool children, but the capacity of Site B is a maximum of 8 people, including preschool children. Please stay within the capacity.

Inside the tent used at Site B
Operating surface of co-sleeping air bed
Two co-sleeping air beds arranged side by side
A sleeping bag set up on a co-sleeping air bed

The air bed is an electric inflatable. Just plug in the power cord and press the "inflate" button and it will inflate in about 30 seconds.

If you place two mattresses side by side and cover them with queen-size covers to prevent them from shifting, they will be large enough for two people to sleep together.

If you unzip the sleeping bag, you can use it as a comforter.

(Photo above) The sleeping bag is spread out on the cot. It is a semi-single, smaller than regular singles.

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