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For those coming by car

-Please be sure to read this-

NIO SUNSET PEAK is located on a hill near Chichibugahama Beach in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture. Due to the steep uphill slope and narrow road, cars cannot pass each other. The road to the campsite is somewhat difficult. Please read the following especially if you are coming to the campsite by car.

If it is difficult to reach the campsite by car due to steep uphill slopes or road conditions on the day, or if you are not confident in your driving skills, we may ask you to park your car at the check-in point (KOKIRIKO) at the base of the mountain and walk up to the sites (approximately 5 to 10 minutes). If you walk, our staff will deliver your luggage to the campsite, depending on the situation. We appreciate your understanding.

② We confirm the vehicle model and specify the check-in time in advance.

​To prevent any troubles from occurring, we will ask you for the number and type of cars when you make your reservation. Also, to prevent overlapping arrival times for guests at sites A (upper ground) and B (lower ground), the campsite will specify a check-in time for each guest. (When you make your reservation, you will be asked whether you prefer ① 14:00 or ② 15:00, and this will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis for the two groups.) Please understand that this differs from many other campsites in that each guest has a set arrival time.


We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate early or later check-ins or late check-outs as a general rule, as we strictly adhere to check-in times. Furthermore, unauthorized viewing or entry to the campsite is strictly prohibited to protect the privacy of our guests and to prevent any trouble. If you would like to inspect the site before using it, please contact us in advance using the inquiry form .


Due to these location and access characteristics, we do not provide the address or map of the campsite on this website, which is the official website of NIO SUNSET PEAK. We ask that customers exercise with caution when using information from free review sites. 

① Depending on the vehicle type and road conditions, it may not be possible to reach the campsite by car.
Precautions when driving: Common to all vehicle types

​・If you can switch to 4WD , turn the mode ON .

When driving on slopes, use low gear (L) or powerful mode.

Avoid stopping (or parking )on slopes.

・Please bring as little luggage as possible.

(All necessary camping equipment, except food and clothing, will be provided on-site.)

The travel attainment described below are merely estimates and may vary depending on the number of passengers and road conditions on the day.

Upon check-in, we will inspect your vehicle and take any necessary measures.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


・Compact car

・Four-wheel drive vehicle (4WD)

​・Light trucks (excluding those converted into campers, etc.)

​・Vehicles designed for outdoor use or dirt driving (large vehicles such as campers van are not permitted)

​・Vehicles with a high enough height (height from the ground)

Compact car silhouette
Outdoor vehicle silhouette
Compact car silhouette
Caution Required

・Minivans (Noah, Hi-ace, Voxy, Serena, Stepwagon, etc.)

​・Two-wheel drive vehicle (2WD)

・ Heavy weight vehicle

​・Cars with a lot of luggage or passengers

​・Long vehicles (There are some sharp turns along the way.)

​・Vehicles with a high enough height (height from the ground)


In the past, we have asked the passengers other than the driver to get off the vehicle midway and push it up from the rear. Depending on the conditions, you may be asked to park at the base of the mountain and walk up to the campsite.

Minivan silhouette
Or close to ×

Minivans, some with 3-number plates (Alphard, Vellfire, etc.)

・Camper vans (including campers converted from light trucks)

・Large vehicles

​・Food truck

​・Heavy bodied and not with 4WD

​・Low height cars/lowered cars

​・Cars equipped with aerodynamic parts

・Long length cars

These cannot be driven up the steep slopes and low vehicles may scrape the front and bottom of the car. Please park your car at the check-n place and walk up to the campsite.

Lowered car silhouette
Bus silhouette
Minivan silhouette
Silhouette of a backpacker on foot
For those traveling by motorbike, bicycle, public bus, or on foot

In either case, the meeting place and reception for NIO SUNSET PEAK will be the annex office on the "KOKIRIKO" premises, which will be indicated in the "Reservation Confirmation" email we will send you after your reservation is confirmed.

If you are using the community bus or share taxi (mobi), please get off at "Chichibugahama" and come to the below address. If you are using a taxi, please specify "KOKIRIKO".


264 Nio-Otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, 769-1404

Large bus silhouette
Motorbike silhouette
Silhouette of a backpacker on foot
Bicycle silhouette
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