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 Plan your stay

How do you spend your time with at NIO SUNSET PEAK? Here is an example of the schedule for one-night camping trip.


Heading to Nio Town while buying ingredients

Shopping before the camp

The key to a successful camping experience is careful advance preparation.

However, at NIO SUNSET PEAK, all the necessary camping equipment is provided on site, so you just focus on what to eat and do during your stay.

Please refer to the equipment list for each site and the list of tips on what to bring on the day to prepare.

Around 15:00

Meeting and check-in (@KOKIRIKO)

Meeting place 'KOKIRIKO'

Please arrive at a separate office on the KOKIRIKO premises on time for check-in that has been notified to each guest in advance.  

In order to avoid overlapping arrival times for customers at Site A and B, we have set a designated meeting time for each customer in advance. Please be sure to arrive on time.

When you check in, please fill out the guest list and settle your bill. We accept the following payment methods:

​ ・Cash


*Credit card payments will be available in the future.

Move to campsite

Moving to the campsite

Follow the car led by a staff member to the campsite. There is a steep uphill section on the way and drive carefully.


Please read the transportation precautions for those coming by car in advance to avoid any trouble.

Around 14:30

Guidance of facilities and gear from staff

After arriving at the campsite, the staff will give you a tour of the facilities and equipment (approximately 15 minutes). After that, you can enjoy the campsite as you like.


Coffee time hourglass

Preparing for Dinner

Making a fire on a fire pit

Let's start preparing dinner using the cooking utensils provided at each site. In addition to the standard BBQ, NIO SUNSET PEAK has a wide range of cooking items including Dutch ovens, Hagama or a traditional rice cooker, and griddle pans. Use these to try menus which you are good at making or you've wanted to try.

Unexpected happenings and failures are the secret ingredient in camp cooking. Laugh it off and have fun.

Children taking a bath in a Goemon bath

One of the things we recommend you try at our campsite is the Goemon bath. Taking a bath while looking up at the sky is a special experience.

To avoid getting burned, please be sure to sit on the inner lid of the Goemon bath. We ask that parents supervise small children.

There is little risk of the Goemon bath being seen from outside the site, but the bath heater is located outside, so you can enter and exit it from the same site. If you are concerned about privacy, we recommend that you bring and wear a swimsuit.

View of the sunset from inside the tent at dusk

Prepare your bed before it gets dark, along with preparing dinner. Keep things you need to take out quickly in an easy-to -find place. (Head lamp, insect repellent, and blanket etc.)

Around 18:00

Then, we see the Sunset

Sunset time

The time just before sunset is a special time of the day, as the sky and sea change appearance with each passing minute. If possible, please finish preparing dinner 30 minutes before sunset so that you can enjoy the sunset at your leisure.

*The sunset time changes every day. Don't forget to check the sunset time.


Dinner - Bonfire - Time for conversation

BBQ scene

Even after the sun sets, the outdoor dinner continues.

Spending time around the fire with family and friends is the highlight of a camping night. Have a great time.

Blue hour after sunset
Request from us

Loud noise is prohibited at NIO SUNSET PEAK at all times.


Although our campsite is located in a forest area, noise can be easily heard especially at night. Please be considerate not to let your noise (such as talking or music on speakers) affect the other site or neighboring people.


Going to bed

Tent after sunset

By the time the flames die down and settle into embers, night is falling and it's time to move inside the tent.

To prevent animals from entering the property at night, please be sure to follow the instructions below before going to bed.

・Store food in the refrigerator

・Put leftover food and food waste in a trash can with a lid

​・Close the entrance gate

If you neglect to do the above, animals will be allowed to enter the properties, and you will have a miserable morning. Thank you for your cooperation.

Next morning at 8:00


Hot sandwich preparation scene

For breakfast, we recommend hot sandwiches. They're easy to make, so your kids might be eager to help out.

Please tidy up before checking out.

Please wash the dishes and cooking utensils you used with detergent and a sponge before returning them. Please return other items to their original place and separate your trash.

Staff will take down the tents, tarps, and table set, and dispose of the ashes from the BBQ grill and bonfire.



check out

Guests at check-out

Our staff will arrive at your scheduled departure time . If you have any unpaid  purchases, such as firewood or charcoal, please pay at this time.

Please be careful not to leave anything behind when you depart.

We hope to see you again here, someday soon!

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