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in the morning

Heading to Nio Town while buying ingredients

Advance preparation is essential for a top-notch camping stay. Camping equipment will be provided on-site, so you just need to focus on what you're going to eat and how you're going to spend your time.

・List of equipment at Site A

・List of equipment at Site B

A list of things you should bring

Please refer to "Camping Meals with Kagawa Specailty" for ideas on what to cook and eat at Nio Sunset Peak. We also provide information on nearby supermarkets and food procurement locations.


Meeting and check-in (@Furugi Satoko)


Move to campsite

Driving to the campsite

After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with the meeting location and time for each person.

At Nio Sunset Peak, we will assign meeting times in advance to avoid overlapping arrivals at sites A and B. Please do not arrive late.

When you check in, please confirm your reservation details, fill out the guest register, and settle your bill. The following payment methods are available.

​ ・Cash


・Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB)

Follow the staff leading the way to the campsite.

Along the way, there are some steep hills that are among the steepest in the prefecture , so please drive with caution. Please be sure to read the access precautions in advance to avoid any trouble.


Free time

Sunset and coffee

Once you arrive at the site, the staff will first give you an explanation on how to use the equipment and supplies (this takes about 30 minutes).

And now your camp stay finally begins.

How about taking a break with a coffee first?

A French press is available at each site. The hourglass next to it is a "glass of time" made from sand from Chichibugahama Beach that has been blown in by the wind. By the time the sand flows down, your coffee will be ready.

Please enjoy it while taking in the view of Chichibugahama Beach right in front of you.


Dinner preparation

Camping Cooking

Use the cooking utensils provided at each site to start preparing dinner.

For the classic barbecue, use a Weber grill. You can also try cooking over a bonfire in a Dutch oven. If possible, it's best to finish preparations 30 minutes before the sun sets and enjoy your meal while watching the sun slowly sink.

Along with preparing dinner, don't forget to prepare your bed. It's recommended to prepare your bed before it gets dark so you can have a relaxing night.

Around 18:00


Sunset Time

Finally, it's sunset time for our camp stay.

Gaze at the sky and sea as their expressions change over time.

I hope it will be a fulfilling time.



Sunset and toast

After watching the sunset, enjoy an outdoor dinner.


Goemon bath and bonfire time

Goemon bath
Roasting marshmallows over a bonfire

Take a bath in a nostalgic Goemon bath. Please make sure to sit on the wooden lid to avoid getting burned .

The bath heater is installed outdoors . Please wear a swimsuit when using it .

Around the fire


Going to bed

View of the tent at night
Next day 8:00


Camping breakfast

When you wake up, why not take a morning walk to Chichibugahama Beach?

A quiet beach in the morning.

Try walking barefoot on the fine sand of Chichibugahama Beach.


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