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How to use

At NIO SUNSET PEAK, you can enjoy the leisurely pace of Setouchi time.

Here are some tips for what kind of camping stay you can have:

We will introduce two patterns.

2 days/1 night
in the morning

Heading to Nio Town while buying ingredients

Shopping scene

The key to a successful camping trip is careful advance preparation. However, the necessary camping equipment will be provided on-site, so you should focus on what you will eat and how you will spend your time.

・List of equipment for Site A (PDF)

・List of equipment for Site B (PDF)

​・List of items that customers should bring (PDF)

Please also take a look at our blog "Sanuki's Outdoor Food" for some ideas on camping meals you might want to make and eat at NIO SUNSET PEAK. We also provide information on where to get food, such as chicken shops and local supermarkets near our campsite.

Around 15:00

Meeting and check-in (@Furugi Satoko)

Check-in at the front desk

Don't miss it!

Move to campsite

Driving to the campsite

Please arrive at the check-in location on time, as notified to each customer in advance.

In order to avoid overlapping arrival times between A and B campsites, we have set a designated meeting time for each customer. Please be sure to arrive on time .

As a general rule, we do not accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs. Thank you for your understanding.

When you check in, please fill out the guest list and settle your bill. The following payment methods are available on-site.

​ ・Cash


・Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB)

You will travel to the campsite following a car led by a staff member. There is a steep uphill section on the way, so please drive carefully. We have put together some important travel precautions for those coming by car . Please be sure to read them in advance to avoid any issues.

Around 14:30

Local explanation by staff

Coffee facilities at each site

Our staff will give you a tour of the campsite's facilities and equipment (approximately 20 minutes). After that, you can enjoy the site as you wish.

Why not start your camping trip off by having a cup of coffee?

There is a press-type coffee maker at each site, A and B. The hourglass next to it is "Time's Life," made from sand from Chichibugahama Beach that has been blown in by the wind.

The coffee is ready as the sand flows smoothly down the beach. Enjoy it while taking in the view of Chichibugahama Beach right in front of you.


Dinner preparation

Making a fire on a fire pit

Start preparing dinner using the cooking utensils provided at each site.

We recommend that you prepare your bed before it gets dark, along with preparing dinner.

Around 18:00


A toast at sunset

The time just before sunset is a special time when the sky and sea change appearance with each passing hour. If possible, please finish preparing dinner 30 minutes before sunset so that you can enjoy the sunset at your leisure.

*The sunset time changes every day. Don't forget to check the sunset time.


Dinner - Bonfire - Goemon bath time

Marshmallows roasted over a bonfire
Boiling the Goemon bath

Once the sun sets, an outdoor dinner will follow.

Take a bath while looking up at the sky. Please be sure to sit on the inner lid to avoid getting burned. Please make sure that a parent or guardian is watching over small children when they use the bath.

The bath heater is installed outdoors . Please wear a swimsuit when using it. (Please note that the structure does not completely block views from the surroundings. )

Noise pollution is prohibited inside NIO SUNSET PEAK at all times.

Our campsite is located in a mountain forest, so noise can be heard, especially at night. Please be considerate not to disturb other sites or nearby residents with noise such as talking or playing music on speakers.

In severe cases, we may ask you to leave even at night, and may even consult with the police.


Going to bed

Tent at night

On camping nights, the conversations around the fire never end, but by the time the flames die down and become just embers, night is falling. It's time to move inside the tent.

To prevent animals from entering your property at night, please be sure to follow the steps below before going to bed.

Store food in the refrigerator

・Put food waste in a trash can with a lid

・Close the entrance gate

If you neglect to do the above, you will end up waking up to a miserable morning in a "Welcome, animals" situation, so please cooperate.

Next day 8:00


Breakfast scene at the campsite

We also recommend taking a walk to Chichibugahama Beach before breakfast.

Try walking barefoot on the fine sand of Chichibugahama Beach.


check out

Check-out process

Our staff will arrive at your scheduled departure time . If you have any unpaid local purchases, such as firewood or charcoal, please pay at this time.

Please be careful not to leave anything behind when you depart.

I hope to see you here again someday.

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